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‘Firenado’ on Kentucky Lake ‘Brimming with Bourbon’

Check this out! A Jim Beam warehouse was destroyed in freak weather releasing 800,000 gallons of bourbon into a nearby lake. A lightening strike then caused a fire that was in the path of a tornado and resulted in a 'firenado'...what are the chances!

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Its a glorious weekend and its going to get…

Its a glorious weekend and its going to get better coming up. You're chance to win cold hard cash with Macca's Monopoly. You score $250 or swap it for the second chance card card for an even bigger prize. Everyone is a winner with Macca's Monopoly.

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Convoy 2015

'i98FM's Camp Quality Convoy is back! Looking forward to seeing everyone come out again to support our Camp Quality kids on Sunday, November 15. See you there!