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Paramedic assaulted at Wollongong Hospital

Paramedic assaulted at Wollongong Hospital

A man's been charged after a paramedic was allegedly assaulted in an incident at Wollongong Hospital.

Police allege the 34-year-old Mangerton man had been escorted outside the hospital for aggressive and abusive behaviour towards staff, when he blocked access to the hospital driveway - preventing two ambulances from entering.

A paramedic from one of the ambulances tried to move him out of the way, as he had a patient onboard in need of urgent medical attention.

The accused man allegedly refused to cooperate, threw the paramedic to the ground and fell on top of him.

The 57-year-old paramedic, who has 33 years experience, suffered two fractures to his leg and a dislocated kneecap.

The alleged offender was arrested a short time later and charged with four offences.

He was granted bail with strict conditions, and will face court in July.