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Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

How beautiful is this illustration of everyone who helped to rescue the Wild Boars soccer team from the caves in Thailand 🌏❤️
Each animal in the artwork represents a different person or group involved in the operation:
�Wild Boars: The children and coach
�White Elephant: Governor Narongsak
�White horse: All heroes…involved in the mission. “You are the knight in shining armour riding the white horse to help us!"
�Seal: Thai Navy SEALs
�Frog: The divers
�Naga (Dragon): Water pumping and drilling teams

The rescuers from around the world are represented by:
�Lion: England
�Kangaroo: Australia
�Panda: China
�Crane: Japan
�Moose: Sweden
�Tiger: Myanmar
�Brown Elephant: Laos
�Dog: K9 unit
�Martin: Climbers from Libong, Thailand
�Eagle: United States
�Iron man: Elon Musk
�Birds: The media

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