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Community Events

Girl Guides Biscuit Drive

For the month of May the Illawarra Girl Guides will have stalls set up around the Illawarra selling their famous cookies!

This year’s drive focuses around the public rallying to support the empowerment of our future leaders by purchasing a Girl Guides biscuit this May. Purchasing biscuits this month will help to fund programs and activities that empower girls, develop leadership and valuable life skills, boost confidence and help girls to reach their full potential in life. It really is #MoreThanABiscuit

All the profits from biscuit sales fund programs that respond to the issues affecting Australian girls and young women, including promoting women in leadership, financial literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to increase gender diversity in future workplaces, awareness against body image stereotypes and gender-based violence.

#MoreThanABiscuit Girl Guide biscuits have become an icon for Guiding throughout Australia. The flagship Traditional vanilla biscuit, the Buttery Shortbread (Gluten-Free) and the bite-sized Mini Chocolate Chip biscuit with real chocolate chips make up the 2018 Girl Guide biscuit range - a treat for everyone!