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    i98 Birthday Roll Call

    Do you or someone you know have a birthday coming up? Let the i98 Breakfast Show know and we'll wish them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for you. We'll also choose one lucky person each day to call up and get them on-air plus we'll give them a Chickos birthday cake! Simply fill in the details of the person... Read More >

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    Footy Tipping

    Weekly winners Week 1 - Jordan Akhurst. Week 2 - Ray Sutcliffe. Week 3 - Sandy Haynes. Week 4 - Tanya Dunwell. Week 5 - Hakan Bacak. Week 6 - Jamie Smith. Week 7 - Week 8 - Simo Micovski. Week 9 - Kellie Wilkinson. Week 10 - Tammy Nardi. Week 11 - Ben Shaw. Week 12 - Daniel... Read More >

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    i98’s $20,000 Quickie

    Do you know your music? Well, with i98’s $20,000 Quickie, we could be filling your pockets with some serious cash, just by identifying our 5 mystery songs in the correct order by title and artist! Your first chance to play and win will be 6AM each work day morning, with the guessing continuing... Read More >