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RIP Monopoly Thimble 1935-2017

The humble Monopoly thimble is now a collector’s item!

Unfortunately the thimble has fallen victim in a worldwide vote held by Monopoly manufacturer Hasbro to determine which game pieces will be included in the updated version of the game.

The cut throat vote pitted all eight current game pieces against 56 new suggestions with the top eight making the grade for the August release of the new game.

The thimble token was one of the original game pieces from the initial release of Monopoly in 1935, but it seems the antiquated sewing device is not trendy enough for today’s board gamers.

The results of the vote will be released on March 19 with the new game pieces being announced. Possibilities for some of the new tokens range include a dinosaur, an emoji, a hashtag, a rubber duck, horse and helicopter.

Back in 2013, Hasbro dropped the iron token and replaced it with a cat.