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10 best tweets from Episode 8 Bachelor in Paradise…

Episode 8 in a nutshell: Michael went rogue, Keira continued to spiral and WHERE THE HELL IS APOLLO?! .

1. When the drama / love / drinking is fine but... APOLLO!!!!!

2. These two need less camera time, some sunscreen and a good hard look at themselves. (Producers I hope you're listening)


4. Accurate. 


6. Mood. 

7. You think that's bad? I'm writing about you being nervous about being nervous about the bros ceremony.

I am in too deep.

I need rosé.

8. When it was time to grab the popcorn... bye Nina!

Don't you dare hurt Nina, Eden. DO NOT MAKE ME HATE YOU. #BachelorInParadiseAU pic.twitter.com/M0xH9bcYqP

9. When Micheal changed the game and people weren't happy...

10. Did we say APOLLO IS ON HIS WAY!!!!!!