Playing 3 hours of feel good music variety to take you through the afternoon.

Calvin Harris is the man!! Check out this insight to his creative process...build that tune C-Dawg...


Snaps to our social media manager Asa for bringing this golden nugget of Internet goodness to our attention!


I'm exciiiiited!!! Game of Thrones Season 7 teaser...with release date!!! July...get ready for it...


What is this??? Happy Friday smile

Monday gotchu like...


How cool is this!! In Croatia, architects built a 'sea-organ' which plays the dulcet tunes of nature with the rise and fall of the seas. I actually think if I lived close-by it would do my head in...but still, pretty cool!!!


I can confirm that I have made this, and it is amazing. Such big payoff for such little effort. I recommend Caramello for a twist, you can't go wrong with plain old dairy milk, and why not chuck in some marshmallows for that extra sugar buzz?! It would be rude not to. Make it at your next dinner party (read: Netflix and Chill sesh), and you will be rewarded with compliments and possibly a Knighthood.

An oldie but a goodie...trust me...invest the time and keep watching...


#TBT to the GOAT...still laugh out loud funny after a couple of hundred views!


Cute overload!




Ed might be a world wide super star with a bevvy of famous exes and a bestie in Taylor Swift, but once upon a time he was just a little ginger haired boy with a big dream, and dance moves like a uncoordinated 12 year old in a beginners hip-hop class.


Soak up summer and take some motivation from this guy....maybe hit up Wollongong Harbour, Wattamolla, Macquarie Pass or Jamberoo Rec Park! #lol #jumprock #sundayswim #bagradiers


This tune is the hottest drop of 2017...coming soon to i98...provided it starts charting well. #whenmemesgobad #drphil #howbowdah