Playing 3 hours of feel good music variety to take you through the afternoon.

#TBT to the GOAT...still laugh out loud funny after a couple of hundred views!


Cute overload!




Ed might be a world wide super star with a bevvy of famous exes and a bestie in Taylor Swift, but once upon a time he was just a little ginger haired boy with a big dream, and dance moves like a uncoordinated 12 year old in a beginners hip-hop class.


Soak up summer and take some motivation from this guy....maybe hit up Wollongong Harbour, Wattamolla, Macquarie Pass or Jamberoo Rec Park! #lol #jumprock #sundayswim #bagradiers


This tune is the hottest drop of 2017...coming soon to i98...provided it starts charting well. #whenmemesgobad #drphil #howbowdah